About Us

We started our journey back in 1988 with the purpose to educate the masses about computers ad to provide them with quality hardware. Since the first day of establishment, we have tried our level best to provide genuine and quality products to our customers to gain their trust -- it is with that trust that Citizen is still ranked amongst the top resellers in Pakistan.

As time progresses, technologies gets better. Citizen knows that and always strives to stay on top of providing its end users with products that would not be available otherwise. It is our motto to keep serving our client's requirement regardless of how complex it may see, at the end they are all possible.

With our website, we have opened our services to regions outside of Pakistan and continue to provide the same services with timely feedback and constantly improving the overall user experience for a fluid and easy interaction.

We at Citizen deal with consumers, prosumers and enterprise clients. Our products ranges from laptops from the renowned companies such as Apple, Dell etc. to server integration in enterprise environment. With being certified by Intel, we also deal with tailor made computer perfect for your needs.

We are always here to help you out! With the social media expanding, Citizen is always on the lookout to make itself connect with more users, ready to help and serve the community.

     Citizen Computers

Contact -         +92-321 8207434